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Barriers to Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Clinical Trial Participation of African American and Black Youth With Sickle Cell Disease and Their Parents

by Nancy Atieno Omondi; Stacy E. Stickney Ferguson; Navneet S. Majhail; Ellen M. Denzen; George R. Buchanan; Ann Haight; Richard J. Labotka; J. Douglas Rizzo; Elizabeth A. Murphy



Serious Adverse Events in Related Donors: A Report from the Related Donor Safe Study

by Ann Haight; MD Seftel; P Chitphakdithai; JP Miller; H Kobusingye; BR Logan; M Linenberger; AS Artz; DA Jacobsohn; MR Litzow; M Magalhaes-Silverman; GB Selby; M Vusirikala; MM Horowitz; GE Switzer; DL Confer; BE Shaw; MA Pulsipher



Randomized Clinical Trial of Therapeutic Music Video Intervention for Resilience Outcomes in Adolescents/Young Adults Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant

by Sheri L. Robb; Debra S. Burns; Kristin A. Stegenga; Paul R. Haut; Patrick O. Monahan; Jane Meza; Timothy E. Stump; Brooke Cherven; Sharron L. Docherty; Verna L. Hendricks-Ferguson; Eileen K. Kintner; Ann E Haight; Donna A. Wall; Joan E. Haase



Outcomes of Measurable Residual Disease in Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia before and after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant: Validation of Difference from Normal Flow Cytometry with Chimerism Studies and Wilms Tumor 1 Gene Expression

by David A. Jacobsohn; Michael R. Loken; Mingwei Fei; Alexia Adams; Lisa Eidenschink Brodersen; Brent R. Logan; Kwang Woo Ahn; Bronwen E. Shaw; Morris Kletzel; Marie Olszewski; Sana Khan; Soheil Meshinchi; Amy Keating; Andrew Harris; Pierre Teira; Reggie E. Duerst; Steven P. Margossian; Paul L. Martin; Aleksandra Petrovic; Ann E Haight



Effect of Aging and Predonation Comorbidities on the Related Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donor Experience: Report from the Related Donor Safety Study

by Michael A. Pulsipher; Brent R. Logan; Pintip Chitphakdithai; Deidre M. Kiefer; Marcie L. Riches; J. Douglas Rizzo; Paola Anderlini; Susan F. Leitman; Ann Haight; Edmund Waller



Unrelated Donor Transplantation in Children with Thalassemia using Reduced-Intensity Conditioning: The URTH Trial

by Shalini Shenoy; Mark C. Walters; Alex Ngwube; Sandeep Soni; David Jacobsohn; Sonali Chaudhury; Michael Grimley; Kawah Chan; Ann Haight; Kimberly A. Kasow; Suhag Parikh; Martin Andreansky; Jim Connelly; David Delgado; Kamar Godder; Gregory Hale; Michael Nieder; Michael A. Pulsipher; Felicia Trachtenberg



Bone marrow transplantation for adolescents and young adults with sickle cell disease: Results of a prospective multicenter pilot study

by Lakshmanan Krishnamurti; Donna S. Neuberg; Keith M. Sullivan; Naynesh R. Kamani; Allistair Abraham; Federico Campigotto; Wandi Zhang; Thabat Dandoul; Laura De Castro; Suhag Parikh; Nitya Bakshi; Ann Haight; Kathryn L. Hassell; Rebekah Loving; Joseph Rosenthal; Shannon L. Smith; Wally Smith; Marcus Spearman; Kristen Stevenson; Catherine J Wu; Christina Wiedl; Edmund Waller; Mark C. Walters



Related peripheral blood stem cell donors experience more severe symptoms and less complete recovery at one year compared to unrelated donors

by Michael A. Pulsipher; Brent R. Logan; Deidre M. Kiefer; Pintip Chitphakdithai; Marcie L. Riches; J.Douglas Rizzo; Paolo Anderlini; O'Susan F. Leitman; Hati Kobusingye; RaeAnne M. Besser; John P. Miller; Rebecca J. Drexler; Aly Abdel-Mageed; Ibrahim A. Ahmed; Luke P. Akard; Andrew S. Artz; Edward D. Ball; Ruthee-Lu Bayer; Carolyn Bigelow; Brian J. Bolwell; E.Randolph Broun; David C. Delgado; Katharine Duckworth; Christopher C. Dvorak; Theresa E. Hahn; Ann E Haight; Parameswaran N. Hari; Brandon M. Hayes-Lattin; David A. Jacobsohn; Ann A. Jakubowski; Kimberly A. Kasow; Hillard M. Lazarus; Jane L. Liesveld; Micheal Linenberger; Mark R. Litzow; Walter Longo; Margarida Magalhaes-Silverman; John M. McCarty; Joseph P. McGuirk; Shahram Mori; Vinod Parameswaran; Vinod K. Prasad; Scott D. Rowley; Witold B. Rybka; Indira Sahdev; Jeffrey R. Schriber; George B. Selby; Paul J. Shaughnessy; Shalini Shenoy; Thomas Spitzer; William T. Tse; Joseph P. Uberti; Madhuri Vusirikala; Edmund K Waller; Daniel J. Weisdorf; Gregory A. Yanik; Willis H. Navarro; Mary M. Horowitz; Galen E. Switzer; Dennis L. Confer; Bronwen E. Shaw



Higher Risks of Toxicity and Incomplete Recovery in 13-to 17-Year-Old Females after Marrow Donation: RDSafe Peds Results

by Michael A. Pulsipher; Brent R. Logan; Deidre M. Kiefer; Pintip Chitphakdithai; Marcie L. Riches; J. Douglas Rizzo; Paolo Anderlini; Susan F. Leitman; James W. Varni; Ann Haight