Abhinav Goyal

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Phone: 404-727-8758

Email: agoyal4@emory.edu

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Assoc Professor

SOM: Medicine: Cardiology

School Of Medicine

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Quality of Care of the Initial Patient Cohort of the Diabetes Collaborative Registry(®).

by Suzanne V. Arnold; Abhinav Goyal; Silvio E. Inzucchi; Darren K. McGuire; Fengming Tang; Sanjeev N. Mehta; Laurence Sperling; Thomas M. Maddox; Daniel Einhorn; Nathan D. Wong; Niklas Hammar; Peter Fenici; Kamlesh Khunti; Carolyn S. P. Lam; Mikhail Kosiborod



Lessons learned from MPI and physiologic testing in randomized trials of stable ischemic heart disease: COURAGE, BARI 2D, FAME, and ISCHEMIA

by Lawrence M. Phillips; Rory Hachamovitch; Daniel S. Berman; Ami E. Iskandrian; James K. Min; Michael H. Picard; Raymond Y. Kwong; Matthias G. Friedrich; Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie; Sean W. Hayes; Tali Sharir; Gilbert Gosselin; Marco Mazzanti; Roxy Senior; Rob Beanlands; Paolo Smanio; Abhinav Goyal; Mouaz Al-Mallah; Harmony Reynolds; Gregg W. Stone; David J. Maron; Leslee J Shaw



Advanced Practice Provider Versus Physician-Only Outpatient Follow-Up After Acute Myocardial Infarction

by Jennifer A. Rymer; Anita Y. Chen; Laine Thomas; Judith Stafford; Jonathan R. Enriquez; Abhinav Goyal; Eric D. Peterson; Tracy Y. Wang



Life's Simple 7 and Risk of Incident Stroke The Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke Study

by Ambar Kulshreshtha; Viola Vaccarino; Suzanne Judd; Virginia J. Howard; William McClellan; Paul Muntner; Yuling Hong; Monika Safford Safford; Abhinav Goyal; Mary Cushman