Andrew Gewirtz

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TLR5 or NLRC4 is necessary and sufficient for promotion of humoral immunity by flagellin

by Matam Vijay-Kumar; Frederic A. Carvalho; Jesse D. Aitken; Nimita H. Fifadara; Andrew T Gewirtz



Obesity and its associated disease: a role for microbiota?

by Ali Bonakdar Tehrani; Behtash Ghazi Nezami; Andrew T Gewirtz; Shanthi Srinivasan



Sex steroid deficiency-associated bone loss is microbiota dependent and prevented by probiotics

by Jau-Yi Li; Benoit Chassaing; Abdul Malik Tyagi; Chiara Vaccaro; Tao Luo; Jonathan Adams; Trevor M. Darby; M. Neale Weitzmann; Jennifer G. Mulle; Andrew Gewirtz; Rheinallt Jones; Roberto Pacifici



Prevention and cure of rotavirus infection via TLR5/NLRC4-mediated production of IL-22 and IL-18

by Benyue Zhang; Benoit Chassaing; Zhenda Shi; Robin Uchiyama; Zhan Zhang; Timothy Denning; Sue E. Crawford; Andrea J. Pruijssers; Jason A. Iskarpatyoti; Mary K. Estes; Terence S. Dermody; Wenjun Ouyang; Ifor Williams; Matam Vijay-Kumar; Andrew Gewirtz