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Nonhuman Primate Optogenetics: Recent Advances and Future Directions

by Adriana Galvan; William R. Stauffer; Leah Acker; Yasmine El-Shamayleh; Ken-ichi Inoue; Shay Ohayon; Michael C. Schmid



The thalamostriatal system in normal and diseased states

by Yoland Smith; Adriana Galvan; Tommas J. Ellender; Natalie Doig; Rosa Villalba; Icnelia Huerta-Ocampo; Thomas Wichmann; J. Paul Bolam



Lack of Antiparkinsonian Effects of Systemic Injections of the Specific T-Type Calcium Channel Blocker ML218 in MPTP-Treated Monkeys

by Adriana Galvan; Annaelle Devergnas; Damien Pittard; Gunasingh Masilamoni; Jocelyn Vuong; J. Scott Daniels; Craig W. Lindsley; Ryan D. Morrison; Thomas Wichmann