Arthur Stillman FACR, FAHA, FNA


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A Complete System for Automatic Extraction of Left Ventricular Myocardium From CT Images Using Shape Segmentation and Contour Evolution

by Liangjia Zhu; Yi Gao; Vikram Appia; Anthony Yezzi; Chesnal Arepalli; Tracy Faber; Arthur Stillman; Allen Tannenbaum



Epicardial Adipose Tissue is Increased in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

by Aliza Lipson; Nikolaos Alexopoulos; Gregory Randell Hartlage; Chesnal Arepalli; Annette Oeser; Aihua Bian; Tebeb Gebretsadik; Ayumi Shintani; Arthur Stillman; C. Michael Stein; Paolo Raggi



Coronary vessel trees from 3D imagery: A topological approach

by Andrzej Szymczak; Arthur Stillman; Allen Tannenbaum; Konstantin Mischaikow



Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Coronary Atherosclerosis in Retired National Football League Players

by Alice Y. Chang; Shannon J. FitzGerald; John Cannaday; Song Zhang; Amit Patel; M. Dean Palmer; Gautham P. Reddy; Karen G. Ordovas; Arthur Stillman; Warren Janowitz; Nina B. Radford; Arthur J. Roberts; Benjamin D. Levine



Influence of coronary artery stenosis severity and coronary collateralization on extent of chronic myocardial scar: insights from quantitative coronary angiography and delayed-enhancement MRI.

by Daniel Bexell Daniel Bexell; Randolph M Setser; Paul Schoenhagen; Michael L Lieber; Sorin J Brener; Thomas B Ivanc; Eva M Balazs; Thomas P O`Donnell; Arthur Stillman; Håkan Arheden; Galen S Wagner; Richard D White



Prognostic value of adenosine stress cardiovascular magnetic resonance in patients with low-risk chest pain

by Stamatios Lerakis; Dalton S McLean; Athanasios V Anadiotis; Matthew Janik; John Oshinski; Nikolaos Alexopoulos; Elisa Zaragoza-Macias; Emir Veledar; Arthur Stillman