Amy Patterson


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A Venue-Based Survey of Malaria, Anemia and Mobility Patterns among Migrant Farm Workers in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

by Rebekah Stewart Schicker; Neway Hiruy; Berhanu Melak; Woyneshet Gelaye; Belay Bezabih; Robert Stephenson; Amy Patterson; Zerihun Tadesse; Paul Emerson; Frank O. Richards; Gregory S. Noland



Physical durability of PermaNet 2.0 long-lasting insecticidal nets over three to 32 months of use in Ethiopia

by Aprielle B. Wills; Stephen C. Smith; Gedeon Y. Anshebo; Patricia M. Graves; Tekola Endeshaw; Estifanos B. Shargie; Mesele Damte; Teshome Gebre; Aryc W. Mosher; Amy Patterson; Yohannes B. Tesema; Frank O. Richards, Jr; Paul M Emerson



Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets Are Synergistic with Mass Drug Administration for Interruption of Lymphatic Filariasis Transmission in Nigeria

by Abel Eigege; Alphonsus Kal; Emmanuel Miri; Adamu Sallau; John Umaru; Hayward Mafuyai; Yohanna S. Chuwang; Goshit Danjuma; Jacob Danboyi; Solomon E. Adelamo; Bulus S. Mancha; Bridget Okoeguale; Amy Patterson; Lindsay Rakers; Frank O. Richards