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The Role of the Gut Microbiome in Resisting Norovirus Infection as Revealed by a Human Challenge Study

by Nastassia V. Patin; A. Pena-Gonzalez; J. K. Hatt; Christine Moe; Amy Kirby; Kostas T. Konstantinidis



Norovirus Seroprevalence among Adults in the United States: Analysis of NHANES Serum Specimens from 1999-2000 and 2003-2004

by Amy Kirby; Yvonne Kienast; Wanzhe Zhu; Jerusha Barton; Emeli Anderson; Melissa Sizemore; Jan Vinje; Christine Moe



Snow Mountain Virus recovery by synthetic human histo-blood group antigens is heavily influenced by matrix effects

by Amy Kirby; Yvonne Kienast; Milagros Aldeco; Molly Steele; Abasaheb N. Dhawane; Dandan Liu; Xikai Cui; Amrita Das; Suri Iyer; Christine Moe



The Influence of Household- and Community-Level Sanitation and Fecal Sludge Management on Urban Fecal Contamination in Households and Drains and Enteric Infection in Children

by David Berendes; Amy Kirby; Julie Clennon; Suraja Raj; Habib Yakubu; Juan Leon; Katharine Robb; Arun Kartikeyan; Priya Hemavathy; Annai Gunasekaran; Ben Ghale; J. Senthil Kumar; Venkata Raghava Mohan; Gagandeep Kang; Christine Moe



Comparing Sanitation Delivery Modalities in Urban Informal Settlement Schools: A Randomized Trial in Nairobi, Kenya

by Kate Bohnert; Anna N. Chard; Alex Mwaki; Amy Kirby; Richard Muga; Corey L. Nagel; Evan A. Thomas; Matthew Freeman



The SaniPath Exposure Assessment Tool: A quantitative approach for assessing exposure to fecal contamination through multiple pathways in low resource urban settlements

by Suraja J. Raj; Yuke Wang; Habib Yakubu; Katharine Robb; Casey Siesel; Jamie Green; Amy Kirby; Wolfgang Mairinger; James Michiel; Clair Null; Eddy Perez; Katherine Roguski; Christine Moe