Allison Eckard

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Adjunct Asst Professor

SOM: Peds: Infectious Disease

School Of Medicine

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Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Bone Mineral Density and Bone Markers in HIV-Infected Youth

by Allison Eckard; Mary Ann O'Riordan; Julia C. Rosebush; Joshua H. Ruff; Ann Chahroudi; Danielle Labbato; Julie E. Daniels; Monika Uribe-Leitz; Vin Tangpricha; Grace A. McComsey



Vitamin D is linked to carotid intima-media thickness and immune reconstitution in HIV-positive individuals

by Allison Ross Eckard; Suzanne Judd; Meena Kumari; Corrilynn Hileman; Norma Storer; Danielle Labbato; Vin Tangpricha; Grace A McComsey



Effects of in utero antiretroviral exposure onmitochondrial DNA levels, mitochondrial function and oxidativestress

by Allison Ross Eckard; Traci Leong; A Avery; M Castillo-Duran; H Bonilla; D Lebrecht; UA Walker; N Storer; D Labbato; A Khaitan; I Tomanova-Soltys; GA McComsey



Neurocognitive Dysfunction in HIV-Infected Youth: Investigating the Relationship with Immune Activation

by Allison Ross Eckard; Julia C. Rosebush; Mary Ann O'Riordan; Chanda Cottingham Graves; Ashley Alexander; Anita K. Grover; S. Thera Lee; Jakob G. Habib; Joshua H. Ruff; Ann Chahroudi; Grace A. McComsey



Bone Effects of Rosiglitazone in HIV-Infected Patients With Lipoatrophy

by Allison Ross Eckard; Corrilynn O. Hileman; Todd T. Brown; Neal Fedarko; Norma Storer; Danielle Labbato; Grace A. McComsey



Effects of Cholecalciferol Supplementation on Serum and Urinary Vitamin D Metabolites and Binding Protein in HIV-infected Youth

by Allison Ross Eckard; Myrtle Thierry-Palmer; Natalia Silvestrov; Julia C. Rosebush; Mary Ann O'Riordan; Julie E. Daniels; Monika Uribe-Leitz; Danielle Labbato; Joshua H. Ruff; Ravinder J. Singh; Vin Tangpricha; Grace A. McComsey