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The Conserved, Disease- Associated RNA Binding Protein dNab2 Interacts with the Fragile X Protein Ortholog in Drosophila Neurons

by Rick S. Bienkowski; Ayan Banerjee; J. Christopher Rounds; Jennifer Rha; Omotola F. Omotade; Christina Gross; Kevin J. Morris; Sara Leung; ChangHui Pak; Stephanie K. Jones; Michael R. Santoro; Stephen Warren; James Zheng; Gary Bassell; Anita Corbett; Kenneth Moberg



Yeast Smy2 and its human homologs GIGYF1 and-2 regulate Cdc48/VCP function during transcription stress

by Michelle H Lehner; Jane Walker; Kotryna Temcinaite; Anna Herlihy; Michael Taschner; Adam C Berger; Anita Corbett; Barbara Dirac A Svejstrup; Jesper Q Svejstrup



The Drosophila Nab2 RNA binding protein inhibits m<sup>6</sup>A methylation and male-specific splicing of Sex lethal transcript in female neuronal tissue

by Milo Fasken; Kenneth Moberg; Anita Corbett; Grace Pavlath; Sara Leung; B Jalloh; CL Lancaster; JC Rounds; BE Brown; A Banerjee; DJ Morton; RS Bienkowski; IJ Kremsky; M Tegowski; K Meyer



How to Select a Graduate School Program for a PhD in Biomedical Science

by Anita Corbett; Grace Pavlath; CL Lancaster; L Higginson; B Chen; L Encarnacion-Rivera; DJ Morton



Recognition of Polyadenosine RNA by the Zinc Finger Domain of Nuclear Poly(A) RNA-binding Protein 2 (Nab2) Is Required for Correct mRNA 3′-End Formation

by Seth M. Kelly; Sara Leung; Luciano H. Apponi; Anna M. Bramley; Elizabeth J. Tran; Julia A. Chekanova; Susan R. Wente; Anita Corbett



Modeling Pathogenic Variants in the RNA Exosome.

by Julia de Amorim; Anne Slavotinek; Milo Fasken; Anita Corbett; Derrick J Morton



A budding yeast model for human disease mutations in the EXOSC2 cap subunit of the RNA exosome complex

by Maria C Sterrett; Liz Enyenihi; Sara Leung; Laurie Hess; Sarah E Strassler; Daniela Farchi; Richard S Lee; Elise S Withers; Isaac Kremsky; Richard E Baker; Munira A Basrai; Ambro van van Hoof; Milo Fasken; Anita Corbett