Anthony Cooley MD


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A pilot study of the acceptability, feasibility and safety of yoga for chronic pain in sickle cell disease

by Nitya Bakshi; Anthony Cooley; Diana Ross; Lauren Hawkins; Marlysa Sullivan; Rachel Astles; Cynthia Sinha; Deeksha Katoch; Manasa Peddineni; Beatrice Gee; Peter A Lane; Lakshmanan Krishnamurti



Improving assessment of child growth in a pediatric hospital setting

by Priya M. Gupta; Emily Wieck; Joel Conkle; Kristina A. Betters; Anthony Cooley; Selena Yamasaki; Natasha Laibhen-Parkes; Parminder Suchdev



Incorporating the Voice of Community Based Pediatricians to Improve Discharge Communication

by Lindsay Weiss; Anthony Cooley; Evan Orenstein; Matthew Levy; Mary Edmond; Emily Wong; Hannah Hua; Nicole Hames