Amy Y Chen MD


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Cell-of-Origin Patterns Dominate the Molecular Classification of 10,000 Tumors from 33 Types of Cancer

by Katherine A. Hoadley; Christina Yau; Toshinori Hinoue; Denise M. Wolf; Alexander J. Lazar; Esther Drill; Ronglai Shen; Alison M. Taylor; Andrew D. Cherniack; Vesteinn Thorsson; Rehan Akbani; Reanne Bowlby; Christopher K. Wong; Maciej Wiznerowicz; Francisco Sanchez-Vega; A. Gordon Robertson; Barbara G. Schneider; Michael S. Lawrence; Houtan Noushmehr; Tathiane M. Malta; Joshua M. Stuart; Christopher C. Benz; Peter W. Laird; Daniel Brat; Amy Chen; Keith Delman; Fadlo Khuri; Shishir Maithel; Jeffrey Olson; Taofeek Owonikoko; Suresh Ramalingam; Dong Shin; Gabriel Sica; Erwin Van Meir



Hyperspectral Microscopic Imaging for the Detection of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Histologic Slides

by Ling Ma; Ximing Zhou; James V Little; Amy Chen; Larry L Myers; Baran D Sumer; Baowei Fei



Pixel-level Tumor Margin Assessment of Surgical Specimen with Hyperspectral Imaging and Deep Learning Classification

by Ling Ma; Maysam Shahedi; Ted Shi; Martin Halicek; James Little; Amy Chen; Larry L Myers; Baran D Sumer; Baowei Fei



Prognostic biomarkers in patients with human immunodeficiency virus-positive disease with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

by Hongzheng Zhang; Sungjin Kim; Zhengjia Chen; Sreenivas Nannapaneni; Amy Chen; Charles Moore; Gabriel Sica; Marina Mosunjac; Minhly Nguyen; Gypsyamber D'Souza; Thomas E. Carey; Lisa A. Peterson; Jonathan B. McHugh; Martin Graham; Christine M. Komarck; Gregory T. Wolf; Heather M. Walline; Georgia Chen; Nabil Saba; Dong Shin



Chemoprevention of Head and Neck Cancer with Celecoxib and Erlotinib: Results of a Phase Ib and Pharmacokinetic Study

by Nabil Saba; Selwyn Hurwitz; Scott A. Kono; Zhengjia Chen; Gabe Sica; Susan Mueller; Rachel Moreno-Williams; Melinda Lewis; William Grist; Amy Chen; Charles Moore; Taofeek Owonikoko; Suresh Ramalingam; Jonathan Beitler; Sreenivas Nannapaneni; Fadlo R. Khuri; Zhuo Georgia Chen; Dong M. Shin; Chung S Yang; Yang Zhao; Hyung Ju C. Shin; Jennifer R Grandis