Ann Chahroudi MD, PhD


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The oral mucosa immune environment and oral transmission of HIV/SIV

by Lianna F. Wood; Ann Chahroudi; Hui-Ling Chen; Heather B. Jaspan; Donald L. Sodora



Rapid progression is associated with lymphoid follicle dysfunction in SIV-infected infant rhesus macaques

by Ann Chahroudi; Maud Mavigner; MP Wood; CI Jones; A Lippy; BG Oliver; B Walund; KA Fancher; BS Fisher; PJ Wright; JT Fuller; P Murapa; J Habib; DN Sather; DH Fuller; DL Sodora



Interleukin-21 combined with ART reduces inflammation and viral reservoir in SIV-infected macaques

by Luca Micci; Emily S. Ryan; Rémi Fromentin; Steven Bosinger; Justin L. Harper; Tianyu He; Sara Paganini; Kirk Easley; Ann Chahroudi; Clarisse Benne; Sanjeev Gumber; Colleen S. McGary; Kenneth A. Rogers; Claire Deleage; Carissa Lucero; Siddappa Byrareddy; Cristian Apetrei; Jacob D. Estes; Jeffrey D. Lifson; Michael Piatak, Jr.; Nicolas Chomont; Francois Villinger; Guido Silvestri; Jason M. Brenchley; Mirko Paiardini



Altered Response Pattern following AZD5582 Treatment of SIV-Infected, ART-Suppressed Rhesus Macaque Infants

by Steven Bosinger; Ann Chahroudi; Jennifer Wood; Thomas Vanderford; Maud Mavigner; KM Bricker; V Obregon-Perko; B Williams; D Oliver; F Uddin; M Neja; L Hopkins; A Dashti; S Jean; S Ehnert; S Liang; GK Tharp; AP Schauer; ML Cottrell; D Margolis; RM Dunham



Liver macrophage-associated inflammation correlates with SIV burden and is substantially reduced following cART

by Bridget S. Fisher; Richard R. Green; Rachel R. Brown; Matthew P. Wood; Tiffany Hensley-McBain; Cole Fisher; Jean Chang; Andrew D. Miller; William J. Bosche; Jeffrey D. Lifson; Maud Mavigner; Charlene J. Miller; Michael Gale; Guido Silvestri; Ann Chahroudi; Nichole R. Klatt; Donald L. Sodora



Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus SHIVCCH505 Persistence in ART-Suppressed Infant Macaques Is Characterized by Elevated SHIV RNA in the Gut and a High Abundance of Intact SHIV DNA in Naive CD4(+) T Cells

by Guido Silvestri; Ann Chahroudi; Thomas Vanderford; Maud Mavigner; V Obregon-Perko; KM Bricker; G Mensah; F Uddin; MR Kumar; EJ Fray; RF Siliciano; N Schoof; A Horner; S Liang; J Sass; C Chan; SJ Berendam; KJ Bar; GM Shaw; GG Fouda; SR Permar



Dynamics and origin of rebound viremia in SHIV-infected infant macaques following interruption of long-term ART

by Guido Silvestri; Fawn Connor-Stroud; Ann Chahroudi; Philip Santangelo; Jennifer Wood; Thomas Vanderford; V Obregon-Perko; KM Bricker; G Mensah; F Uddin; L Rotolo; D Vanover; Y Desai; S Jean; S Ehnert; SJ Berendam; S Liang; KJ Bar; GM Shaw; A Kumar; GG Fouda; SR Permar