Ann Chahroudi MD, PhD

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Phone: 404-727-9209


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Assoc Professor

SOMPI: Infectious Disease

Emory+Children's Ped Institute

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Quantifying integrated SIV-DNA by repetitive-sampling Alu-gag PCR.

by Maud Mavigner; S. Thera Lee; Jakob Habib; Cameron Robinson; Guido Silvestri; Una O'Doherty; Ann Chahroudi



The latest science from the IAS Towards an HIV Cure Symposium: 16-17 July 2016, Durban, South Africa.

by Jacyln Mann; Alexander O. Pasternak; Ann Chahroudi; Jerome A. Singh; Anna Laura Ross



Dynamics of SIV-specific CXCR5+CD8 T cells during chronic SIV infection

by Rama Amara; Vijayakumar Velu; Steven Bosinger; Rafi Ahmed; Ann Chahroudi; Ifor Williams; Maud Mavigner; GH Mylvaganam; D Rios; HM Abdelaal; S Iyer; G Tharp; M Mavinger; S Hicks; PJ Skinner



Neurocognitive Dysfunction in HIV-Infected Youth: Investigating the Relationship with Immune Activation

by Allison Ross Eckard; Julia C. Rosebush; Mary Ann O'Riordan; Chanda Cottingham Graves; Ashley Alexander; Anita K. Grover; S. Thera Lee; Jakob G. Habib; Joshua H. Ruff; Ann Chahroudi; Grace A. McComsey



Interleukin-21 combined with ART reduces inflammation and viral reservoir in SIV-infected macaques

by Luca Micci; Emily S. Ryan; Rémi Fromentin; Steven Bosinger; Justin L. Harper; Tianyu He; Sara Paganini; Kirk Easley; Ann Chahroudi; Clarisse Benne; Sanjeev Gumber; Colleen S. McGary; Kenneth A. Rogers; Claire Deleage; Carissa Lucero; Siddappa Byrareddy; Cristian Apetrei; Jacob D. Estes; Jeffrey D. Lifson; Michael Piatak, Jr.; Nicolas Chomont; Francois Villinger; Guido Silvestri; Jason M. Brenchley; Mirko Paiardini



Liver macrophage-associated inflammation correlates with SIV burden and is substantially reduced following cART

by Bridget S. Fisher; Richard R. Green; Rachel R. Brown; Matthew P. Wood; Tiffany Hensley-McBain; Cole Fisher; Jean Chang; Andrew D. Miller; William J. Bosche; Jeffrey D. Lifson; Maud Mavigner; Charlene J. Miller; Michael Gale; Guido Silvestri; Ann Chahroudi; Nichole R. Klatt; Donald L. Sodora



Antiretroviral Therapy in Simian Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Sooty Mangabeys: Implications for AIDS Pathogenesis

by Francesca Calascibetta; Luca Micci; Diane Carnathan; Benton Lawson; Thomas Howerton Vanderford; Steven Bosinger; Kirk Easley; Ann Chahroudi; Joseph Mackel; Brandon F. Keele; Samuel Long; Jeffrey Lifson; Mirko Paiardini; Guido Silvestri