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SOM: Medicine: Cardiology

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Role of Teleproctoring in Challenging and Innovative Structural Interventions Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

by Adam Greenbaum; SS Goel; A Patel; SH Little; R Parikh; MCW von Ballmoos; ABY Lumsden; MJ Reardon; NS Kleiman



Transcatheter Laceration of Aortic Leaflets to Prevent Coronary Obstruction During Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Concept to First-in-Human

by Jaffar Khan; Danny Dvir; Adam Greenbaum; Vasilis Babaliaros; Toby Rogers; Gabriel Aldea; Mark Reisman; G. Burkhard Mackensen; Marvin H.K. Eng; Gaetano Paone; Dee Dee Wang; Robert A Guyton; Chandan M Devireddy; William H. Schenke; Robert Lederman



The BASILICA Trial Prospective Multicenter Investigation of Intentional Leaflet Laceration to Prevent TAVR Coronary Obstruction

by Jaffar Khan; Adam Greenbaum; Vasilis Babaliaros; Toby Rogers; Marvin H. Eng; Gaetano Paone; Bradley Leshnower; Mark Reisman; Lowell Satler; Ron Waksman; Marcus Y. Chen; Annette M. Stine; Xin Tian; Danny Dvir; Robert Lederman



Anterior Leaflet Laceration to Prevent Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction During Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement

by Jaffar Khan; Vasilis Babaliaros; Adam Greenbaum; Jason R. Foerst; Shahram Yazdani; James M. Mccabe; Gaetano Paone; Marvin H. Eng; Bradley Graham Leshnower; Patrick Gleason; Marcus Y. Chen; Dee Dee Wang; Xin Tian; Annette M. Stine; Toby Rogers; Robert Lederman