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Measuring the Impact of Targeting FcRn-Mediated IgG Recycling on Donor-Specific Alloantibodies in a Sensitized NHP Model

by Alton Farris III; M Manook; WJ Flores; R Schmitz; Z Fitch; J Yoon; Y Bae; B Shaw; A Kirk; M Harnois; S Permar; AB Farris; DM Magnani; J Kwun; S Knechtle



Collagen Type III Glomerulopathy

by Alton Farris III; ALV Wilson; F Costigliolo; AB Farris; R Rengen; LJ Arend



Prevention of lymphocyte apoptosis in septic mice with cancer increases mortality

by Amy C. Fox; Elise Breed; Zhe Liang; Andrew T. Clark; Brendan R. Zee-Cheng; Katherine C. Chang; Jessica A. Dominguez; Enjae Jung; W. Michael Dunne; Eileen Burd; Alton B Farris III; David C. Linehan; Craig Coopersmith



Morphometric and Visual Evaluation of Fibrosis in Renal Biopsies

by Alton B Farris III; Catherine D. Adams; Nicole Brousaides; Patricia A. Della Pelle; A. Bernard Collins; Ellie Moradi; R. Neal Smith; Paul C. Grimm; Robert B. Colvin



Cecal ligation and puncture followed by MRSA pneumonia increases mortality in mice and blunts production of local and systemic cytokines

by Enjae Jung; Erin E. Perrone; Zhe Liang; Elise Breed; Jessica A. Dominguez; Andrew T. Clark; Amy C. Fox; W. Michael Dunne; Eileen Burd; Alton B Farris III; Richard S. Hotchkiss; Craig Coopersmith



Partial therapeutic response to Rituximab for the treatment of chronic alloantibody mediated rejection of kidney allografts

by R. Neal Smith; Fahim Malik; Nelson Goes; Alton B Farris III; Emmanuel Zorn; Susan Saidman; Nina Tolkoff-Rubin; Sonika Puri; Waichi Wong