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Avoidance of CNI and steroids using belatacept-Results of the Clinical Trials in Organ Transplantation 16 trial

by Aneesh Mehta; Christian Larsen; Alton Farris III; Kenneth Newell; RB Mannon; B Armstrong; PG Stock; AB Farris; N Watson; Y Morrison; M Sarwal; T Sigdel; N Bridges; M Robien



Molecular and Pathology Features of Colorectal Tumors and Patient Outcomes Are Associated with Fusobacterium nucleatum and Its Subspecies animalis

by Alton Farris III; Peter Campbell; Wei Sun; I Borozan; SH Zaidi; TA Harrison; A Phipps; J Zheng; S Lee; QM Trinh; RS Steinfelder; J Adams; BL Banbury; S Berndt; S Brezina; DD Buchanan; S Bullman; Y Cao; AB Farris; JC Figueiredo; M Giannakis; LE Heisler; JL Hopper; Y Lin; X Luo; R Nishihara; ER Mardis; N Papadopoulos; C Qu; EEG Reid; SN Thibodeau; S Harlid; CY Um; L Hsu; A Gsur; S Gallinger; PA Newcomb; S Ogino; TJ Hudson; V Ferretti; U Peters



The role of HSP70 in mediating age-dependent mortality in sepsis

by Kevin McConnell; Amy C. Fox; Andrew T. Clark; Nai-Yuan Nicholas Chang; Jessica A. Dominguez; Alton B Farris III; Timothy Buchman; Clayton R. Hunt; Craig Coopersmith



Emerging role of B cells in chronic allograft dysfunction

by Robert B. Colvin; Tsutomu Hirohashi; Alton B Farris III; Francesca Minnei; A. Bernard Collins; R. Neal Smith



PRO-C3, a Serological Marker of Fibrosis, During Childhood and Correlations With Fibrosis in Pediatric NAFLD

by Catherine C Cohen; Eduardo Castillo-Leon; Alton Farris III; Shelley Caltharp; Rebecca L. Cleeton; Elizabeth M. Sinclair; Diane E. Shevell; Morten A. Karsdal; Mette Juul Fisker Nielsen; Diana J. Leeming; Miriam Vos



Image Analysis Pipeline for Renal Allograft Evaluation and Fibrosis Quantification

by Alton Farris III; Juan Vizcarra; Mohamed Amgad; Lee Alex Donald Cooper; David Gutman; Julien Hogan