Albert M L Anderson MD


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Cognitive and Neuronal Link With Inflammation: A Longitudinal Study in People With and Without HIV Infection

by Albert Anderson; Kirk Easley; JH Jang; D Fuchs; M Gisslen; H Zetterberg; K Blennow; RJ Ellis; D Franklin; RK Heaton; I Grant; SL Letendre



Central nervous system histoplasmosis: Multicenter retrospective study on clinical features, diagnostic approach and outcome of treatment

by Joseph Wheat; Thein Myint; Ying Guo; Phebe Kemmer; Chadi Hage; Colin Terry; Marwan M. Azar; James Riddell; Peter Ender; Sharon Chen; Kareem Shehab; Kerry Cleveland; Eden Esguerra; James Johnson; Patty Wright; Vanja Douglas; Pascalis Vergidis; Winnie Ooi; John Baddley; David Bamberger; Raed Khairy; Holenarasipur Vikram; Elizabeth Jenny-Avital; Geetha Sivasubramanian; Karen Bowlware; Barbara Pahud; Juan Sarria; Townson Tsai; Maha Assi; Satish Mocherla; Vidhya Prakash; David Allen; Catherine Passaretti; Shirish Huprikar; Albert M L Anderson



Better executive function is independently associated with full HIV suppression during combination therapy.

by Albert Anderson; Josue Pérez-Santiago; Ziduo Zheng; Eugene Huang; Donald Franklin; Jennifer Iudicello; David J. Moore; Ronald J. Ellis; Robert K. Heaton; Scott L. Letendre



Cerebrospinal fluid CXCL10 is associated with the presence of low level CSF HIV during suppressive antiretroviral therapy

by Albert Anderson; Suprateek Kundu; B Tang; F Vaida; O Okwuegbuna; D McClernon; M Cherner; R Deutsch; D Cookson; M Crescini; I Grant; H Zetterberg; K Blennow; M Gisslen; RJ Ellis; SL Letendre



Linked CSF reduction of phosphorylated tau and IL-8 in HIV associated neurocognitive disorder

by Tugba Ozturk; Alexander Kollhoff; Albert Anderson; J. Christina Howell; David Loring; Drenna Waldrop-Valverde; Donald Franklin; Scott Letendre; William Tyor; William Hu



Rare Elizabethkingia meningosepticum meningitis case in an immunocompetent adult

by Salim S. Hayek; Thura T. Abd; Sushma K Cribbs; Albert M L Anderson; Andre Melendez; Miwako Kobayashi; Carmen Polito; Yun F (Wayne) Wang



HIV, prospective memory, and cerebrospinal fluid concentrations of quinolinic acid and phosphorylated Tau

by Albert Anderson; David Croteau; Ronald J. Ellis; Debra Rosario; Michael Potter; Gilles J. Guillemin; Bruce J. Brew; Steven Paul Woods; Scott L. Letendre