Alanna Morris


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Assessment of U.S. heart transplantation equity as a function of race: Observational analyses of the OPTN database

by Rebecca Cogswell; Maria Masotti; Alanna Morris; Allyson Hart; Tom Murray; Clyde Yancy



Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients with Heart Failure: Sex- and Race-based Disparities and Opportunities

by Ioannis Mastoris; Ersilia DeFilippis; Trejeeve Martyn; Alanna Morris; Harriette GV Spall; Andrew J Sauer



Community-Level Economic Distress, Race, and Risk of Adverse Outcomes After Heart Failure Hospitalization Among Medicare Beneficiaries

by Amgad Mentias; Milind Y Desai; Mary S Vaughan-Sarrazin; Shreya Rao; Alanna Morris; Jennifer L Hall; Venu Menon; Jason Hockenberry; Mario Sims; Gregg C Fonarow; Saket Girotra; Ambarish Pandey



Allostatic load and incident heart failure in the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) study

by Alanna Morris; C Park; JBB Ringel; LCC Pinheiro; M Sterling; L Balkan; S Banerjee; EBB Levitan; MMM Safford; P Goyal



Racial Differences in Diuretic Efficiency, Plasma Renin, and Rehospitalization in Subjects With Acute Heart Failure

by Alanna Morris; Aditi Nayak; Yi-An Ko; Melroy D'Souza; Michael G Felker; Margaret M Redfield; Wilson Wh Tang; Jeffrey M Testani; Javed Butler