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The Association between Depression and Leptin is Mediated by Adiposity

by Alanna A. Morris; Yusuf Ahmed; Neli Stoyanova; W. Craig Hooper; Christine De Staerke; Gary Gibbons; Rebecca Din-Dzietham; Arshed Ali Quyyumi; Viola Vaccarino



Association between Depression and Inflammation - Differences by Race and Sex: The META-Health Study

by Alanna A. Morris; Liping Zhao; Yusuf Ahmed; Neli Stoyanova; W. Craig Hooper; Gary Gibbons; Rebecca Din-Dzietham; Arshed Ali Quyyumi; Viola Vaccarino



COVID-19: Understanding Inter-Individual Variability and Implications for Precision Medicine

by Naveen L. Pereira; Faiz Ahmad; Mirnela Byku; Nathan W. Cummins; Alanna Morris; Anjali Owens; Sony Tuteja; Sharon Cresci



Impact of Financial Considerations on Willingness to Take Sacubitril/Valsartan for Heart Failure

by Neal Dickert; Alanna Morris; Yi-An Ko; Miranda Moore; BR Rao; CD Speight; LA Allen; SD Halpern; DD Matlock; LD Scherer; MC Thomson; P Ubel



Sex differences in eligibility for advanced heart failure therapies

by Robert Cole; Divya Gupta; Andrew Smith; Alanna Morris; Sonjoy Laskar; John Vega; Michael Burke; Kunal Bhatt; RS Steinberg; A Nayak; C O'Connell; S Burford; A Pekarek; N Chesnut; T Attia



Show Me the Money: Patients’ Perspectives on a Decision Aid for Sacubitril/Valsartan Addressing Out-of-Pocket Cost

by Neal Dickert; Andrea R. Mitchell; Grace E. Venechuk; Daniel D. Matlock; Miranda Moore; Alanna Morris; Kenneth J. Pierce; Candace D. Speight; Larry A. Allen