Angelica Amanso


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Inhibition of ileal bile acid uptake protects against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in high-fat diet-fed mice

by Anuradha Rao; Astrid Kosters; Jamie E. Mells; Wujuan Zhang; Kenneth D. R. Setchell; Angelica Amanso; Grace M. Wynn; Tianlei Xu; Brad T. Keller; Hong Yin; Sophia Banton; Dean Jones; Hao Wu; Paul Dawson; Saul Karpen



Polymerase Delta Interacting Protein 2 Sustains Vascular Structure and Function

by Roy Sutliff; Lula Hilenski; Angelica Amanso; Ioannis Parastatidis; Anna E. Dikalova; Laura Hansen; Srinivasa Raju Datla; James S. Long; Alexander M. El-Ali; Giji Joseph; Rudolph L. Gleason; W Robert Taylor; Charles Hart; Kathy Griendling; Bernard Lassegue