Alvaro Alonso


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Association of Type of Antidepressant With Bleeding Risk in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Taking Oral Anticoagulants

by Iris Yuefan Shao; J’Neka S Claxton; Pamela L Lutsey; Lin Yee Chen; Richard F MacLehose; Alvaro Alonso



Genome-Wide Association Analysis of the Sense of Smell in US Older Adults: Identification of Novel Risk Loci in African-Americans and European-Americans

by Jing Dong; Annah Wyss; Jingyun Yang; T Ryan Price; Aude Nicolas; Michael Nalls; Greg Tranah; Nora Franceschini; Zongli Xu; Claudia Schulte; Alvaro Alonso; Steven R. Cummings; Myriam Fornage; Dmitri Zaykin; Leping Li; Xuemei Huang; Stephen Kritchevsky; Yongmei Liu; Thomas Gasser; Robert S. Wilson; Philip L De Jager; Andrew B. Singleton; Jayant M. Pinto; Tamara Harris; Thomas H. Mosley Jr.; David A. Bennett; Stephanie London; Lei Yu; Honglei Chen



Brain function and structure and risk for incident diabetes: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study

by Michael P. Bancks; Alvaro Alonso; Rebecca F. Gottesman; Thomas H. Mosley; Elizabeth Selvin; James S. Pankow



Associations of serum uric acid with incident dementia and cognitive decline in the ARIC-NCS cohort

by Aniqa B Alam; Aozhou Wu; Melinda C Power; Nancy A West; Alvaro Alonso



Thirty-Year Trends in the Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation: The ARIC Study

by Kunali P Ghelani; Lin Yee Chen; Faye L Norby; Elsayed Z Soliman; Silvia Koton; Alvaro Alonso



Left Atrial Remodeling and Stroke in Patients With Sinus Rhythm and Normal Ejection Fraction: ARIC-NCS

by Francesco Bianco; Raffaele De Caterina; Alvin Chandra; Iolanda Aquila; Brian Claggett; Michelle C Johansen; Alexandra Goncalves; Faye L Norby; Rebecca Cogswell; Elsayed Z Soliman; Rebecca Gottesman; Thomas Mosley; Alvaro Alonso; Amil Shah; Scott D Solomon; Lin Yee Chen