Amanda A Freeman

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Phone: 404-727-0090


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Senior Lecturer

ECAS: Ctr Study Human Health

Emory College

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Systems Analysis of the 22q11.2 Microdeletion Syndrome Converges on a Mitochondrial Interactome Necessary for Synapse Function and Behavior

by Avanti Gokhale; Cortnie Hartwig; Amanda A Freeman; Julia L. Bassell; Stephanie Zlatic; Christie Sapp Savas; Trishna Vadlamudi; Farida Abudulai; Tyler T. Pham; Amanda Crocker; Erica Werner; Zhexing Wen; Gabriela M Repetto; Joseph A. Gogos; Steven M. Claypool; Jennifer K. Forsyth; Carrie E. Bearden; Jill Glausier; David A. Lewis; Nicholas Seyfried; Jennifer Kwong; Victor Faundez



Rigor, Reproducibility, and In Vitro Cerebrospinal Fluid Assays: The Devil in the Details

by Olivia A. Moody; Sahil Talwar; Meagan Jenkins; Amanda A Freeman; Lynn Marie Trotti; Paul Garcia; Donald Bliwise; Joseph W. Lynch; Brad Cherson; Eric M. Hernandez; Neil Feldman; Prabhjyot Saini; David Rye; Andrew Jenkins



Sleep fragmentation and motor restlessness in a Drosophila model of Restless Legs Syndrome

by Amanda A Freeman; Elaine Pranski; R. Daniel Miller; Sara Radmard; Douglas Bernhard; Hyder A Jinnah; Ranjita Betarbet; David Rye; Subhabrata Sanyal



NFAT regulates pre-synaptic development and activity-dependent plasticity in Drosophila

by Amanda A Freeman; Amy Franciscovich; Mallory Bowers; David J. Sandstrom; Subhabrata Sanyal



A new genetic model of activity-induced Ras signaling dependent pre-synaptic plasticity in Drosophila

by Amanda A Freeman; Mallory Bowers; Alysia Vrailas Mortimer; Christina Timmerman; Stephanie Roux; Mani Ramaswami; Subhabrata Sanyal