A. Alfred Chahine


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Multi-institutional Collaborative Surgery Education Didactics: Virtual Adaptations During a Global Pandemic

by Christina M Theodorou; Amit RT Joshi; A. Alfred Chahine; Sally A Boyd; Jeffrey M Stern; Rahul J Anand; Mark Hickey; Madison Bradley; Sahil S Tilak; Kerry B Barrett; Mary E Klingensmith



Ad astra per aspera (Through Hardships to the Stars): Lessons Learned from the First National Virtual APDS Meeting, 2020

by Kyla P. Terhune; Jennifer N. Choi; John M. Green; Amy N. Hildreth; Jeremy M. Lipman; Cary B. Aarons; Donna A. Heyduk; Subhasis Misra; Rahul J. Anand; Thomas F. Fise; Catherine B. Thorne; Gretchen C. Edwards; Amit R. T. Joshi; Clarence E. Clark; Valentine N. Nfonsam; A. Alfred Chahine; Douglas S. Smink; Benjamin T. Jarman; David T. Harrington