Alexis Bender


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NIH Toolbox Emotion Battery Findings Among People with HIV: Normative Comparisons and Clinical Associations.

by Lilla A. Brody; Lily Kamalyan; Kayle Karcher; Lesley A. Guarena; Alexis Bender; Benjamin S. McKenna; Anya Umlauf; Donald Franklin; Maria J. Marquine; Robert K. Heaton



Meaningful Engagement Among Assisted Living Residents With Dementia: Successful Approaches

by Candance L Kemp; Alexis Bender; Joy Ciofi; Jennifer Craft Morgan; Elisabeth O Burgess; Stephen Duong; Fayron Epps; Andrea Michelle Hill; Pamela R Manley; Jasmine Sease; Molly Perkins



The Georgia Memory Net: Implementation of a statewide program to diagnose and treat Alzheimer's disease and related dementias

by Alexis Bender; Rebecca L. McIntosh; Sean Sudduth; Michaela Harris; Kathy Tuckey; John C. Morgan; Joanna M. Jungerman; Abby Cox; Miranda Moore; Bryshia Ingram; Ellyn Pier; Theodore Johnson II; David Loring; Kenneth Hepburn; Laura Medders; Allan Levey; James Lah; Chadwick Hales