How to know if you have the rights to submit

In order to submit your work to OpenEmory, you need the right to post your article on institutional web sites or institutional repositories that are freely accessible.

If your work is not yet published and you have not signed an author's agreement or transfer of copyright, you still possess all the copyright associated with your work.

If you have already published the work (or transferred the copyright/signed the author's agreement associated with a projected publication), you can reference your author's agreement to find our what rights you have to employ.  Can't find the agreement?  Contact your publisher to request a copy.

If you have already published and want to determine if your publisher allows deposit in OpenEmory, you can look up your journal's policies on SHERPA/RoMEO.

The publisher may put restrictions on which version of your article you may post; pre-print (prior to peer review), post-print (after peer review but before publisher formatting), or the final published version.  The publisher may put an embargo or delay period before the article may be freely accessible.  Both of these situations are accommodated in OpenEmory.

More information can be found on our Authors' Rights page.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you with rights questions.