Deposit Instructions

These instructions outline the steps for submitting a publication directly to OpenEmory. You can also learn about other ways of submitting to OpenEmory on our How to Submit page, and find additional guidance about depositing your scholarship in the For Authors section of the site, located in the top right navigation menu. 


Depositing a New Work

 Login to OpenEmory using the sign-in form in the upper right. Enter your Emory network id and password.


Once you are logged in, click on the view dashboard link.

In the Faculty Tools section at the left of the screen, click Upload New Document.

Review the Assent to Submit and Display Work, and check the box to indicate your agreement.
Please ensure you have the rights to deposit your publication. Additional information can be found on our Author Rights page. If you have further questions regarding the agreement, please contact the OpenEmory team.

Select the Type of Material that best represents your material. 

Use the File Upload tool to submit the file for your material. Please make sure that your file uses one of the formats accepted by OpenEmory (PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and image files).

  • Note: the file you upload should be the primary content file for your publication. In a later step, you may also link to additional supplemental files hosted at another location, such as a publisher’s website.

Click Continue.

After your file is uploaded, you are routed to a form in which you can add additional information about your material.

Please enter all required fields, which are indicated with a red asterisk. 

Author entries

There are two options for adding authors. First, you can use the Emory contributor lookup option to quickly add yourself or other Emory authors. Additionally, you can add non-Emory authors using the Add More Authors option.

  • Note: the Emory author lookup is periodically refreshed based on Emory directory data, but may not include every Emory user. If you or your co-author aren’t found, you can enter names and Emory University as the institutional affiliation using the Add More Authors option.

As you add authors, they will be displayed in a list in the order you added them. If you need to change the author order, you can select names within the list to re-order them appropriately by mousing over the arrow at the left of the name entry and then dragging them up or down in the list.

Publication Date and Embargo options

  • The date entry section prompts you to enter dates in Day (DD), Month (MM), and Year (YYYY) format. You must provide a year, but day and month are optional. If you cannot specify a month and day, please leave the Day and Month form fields blank.
  • If you select an embargo for your material and have not specified a day or month for your work, please note that the embargo will be applied retroactively to the beginning of the year you specify.
  • If you select an embargo for your material, the record for your material will become visible to the public, but the content file will not be accessible. Visitors to OpenEmory will see your citation information along with the date of your embargo expiration. 
  • When the expiration date occurs, your material will then become available for download by others. 

Admin Note

  • If you want to add notes to be viewed by the OpenEmory administrative team regarding your submission, please enter them here. These notes will not be seen by the public.

You may either Save a Draft and return to it later, or click Submit.

  • If you save your material as a draft, you can access it later by logging into OpenEmory, and visiting your Dashboard.

  • When you click Submit, your material will be immediately published in OpenEmory. Your submission will also be reviewed by the OpenEmory team, who may contact you if they have questions or require further information.

Dashboard, Your Documents, and Your Profile

After you have submitted material to OpenEmory, you can view and manage your material as well as your Profile.

When logged into OpenEmory, you can use either the view dashboard or view profile links to access the following:


This section shows your working documents that have been saved as drafts. If for some reason your material was withdrawn from public view, it will be listed here also. 

Use the Continue Editing link to resume editing or to re-submit items in your Dashboard.

Your Documents

This section includes a list of all your documents, whether they have been published in OpenEmory or are still in progress as drafts.

Note: once your material has been fully submitted, you can no longer edit the record. If you want to request changes to your items, use the Contact Administrator link under Faculty Tools in the left sidebar to get in touch with the OpenEmory team. 

Your Profile

Your profile within OpenEmory allows site visitors to see additional publications you have submitted, as well as to see additional information about you if you have provided it. When you have submitted your work to OpenEmory, users can follow the link on your name when viewing records. 

To add information to Your Profile, open the Your Profile tab.

Click Edit under the different sections to add information such as Affiliations, Degrees Held, Biography, External Links, and Research Interests.

Click Save Changes when finished.