About OpenEmory

OpenEmory is an open access repository of Emory faculty works and a service of Emory Libraries and Information Technology.  It was created in response to the Emory Open Access Policy passed by Faculty Council in March 2011, which begins:

The Faculty of Emory University is committed to disseminating the fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible.  In addition to the public benefit of such dissemination, this policy is intended to serve faculty interests by promoting greater reach and impact for articles, assisting authors' retention of distribution rights, and ensuring preservation.

In keeping with these commitments, the Faculty calls upon Emory University, through its Libraries, to create an Open Access repository of faculty authored articles.

OpenEmory preserves Emory faculty works and makes them freely accessible, increasing the visibility of faculty scholarship and furthering the intellectual community here at Emory.

The scope of OpenEmory at its 2012 launch was Emory faculty authored articles.  In 2016, it expanded to reflect the variety of formats in which faculty share the results of their research and scholarship.

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